Do you need Prior Authorization?


We can reduce the cost of processing transactions by 80% for the average biller. Our ability to processes transaction asynchronously or in real-time based on payer, transaction type, and client use-case allows us to process thousands of transactions a minute without interruption. We can also save you time and lower the risk of errors by integrating directly with you EMR, practice management software, or billing system..

You pay per transaction and you’ll only be charged for the transactions that you use. There are no hidden costs and there are no monthly minimums.

Once access is granted you can begin submitting transactions immediately. You could start using the platform the day you sign your contract.

No. Our solution can be used on its own as an end to end billing service or can work with your current billing system. In fact, we can integrate directly with your billing system and work in tandem with them to reduce the number of transactions your billers have to work. No matter which path you choose, our automation platform will lower you costs.

Today we are able to automate 50%-60% of your transactions. This reduces cost and manual effort, while also increasing accuracy. For the transactions that need a personal touch, we have a team of billing experts who can address them when the need arises. As we receive more transactions, our machine learning algorithm will improve and allow drastically increased automation, potentially as high as 95% of your transactions.